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"A meal to remember ... best Mexican food I ever had."
"I love the original dishes created at El Rancherito. My favorite express lunch is TOSTAGUAC ... a crisp corn tortilla with plenty of beef, beans, lettuce, cheese, tomato and guacamole."   Arlo Benjamin
Reviews of El Rancherito | Mexican Restaurant in Galesburg, IL
"Best Mexican restaurant in Galesburg ... I wouldn't go anywhere else"
"Finding a great vegetarian meal in Galesburg can be tricky. The VEGGIE FAJITAS are my favorite. Lots of fresh mushrooms, bell peppers, sweet onions, tomatoes, broccoli and zucchini. So yummy!"   Katriana M.
"Voted the number one Mexican restaurant in the area ... by me."
"It's all about the sauce with me. The CHILE VERDE sauce at El Rancherito tastes they way my grandma used to make it. With love ... lots of love."   Bernie Escamilla
"At El Rancherito we serve authentic Mexican food and thirst quenching drinks."

Every day, we do our utmost to improve our reputation for excellent Mexican food by preparing traditional recipes with the freshest ingredients. 

Since opening our doors in Galesburg "many moons ago" our master chefs, friendly staff and patrons have helped create a festive atmosphere for an exceptional dining experience.

Our "old world" Mexican recipes, delicious Margaritas, Mexican folk art and lively Mexicana music set the stage for a great time at El Rancherito.

Whether it's a romantic dinner for two, a large group celebration, or a family night out on the town your best choice for authentic Mexican cuisine is "right down the road" at 1824 N. Henderson Street in Galesburg. 

Arlo Benjamin Anderson
She prefers El Rancherito Veggie Fajitas
Bernie Escamilla from Peoria
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Four of Four Sombreros Rating

I love Mexican food. Always have. In fact, I crave it. But it's easy to become disillusioned by Midwestern Mexican Restaurants because so many don't seem to offer authentic ingredients or inspired recipes.
Phillip J. Anderson
I judge Mexican restaurants with great scrutiny. I am guilty, you should know, of comparing each Mexican restaurant I visit to the former Cinco de Mayo in New York City. As a young man I dined there often and experienced a variety of authentic Mexican dishes such as mole poblano, cactus salads and fresh salsa made right in front of my eyes. The cooks there even wore those tall white hats, called a "toque," a sort of crown of honor and respect for their profession. Those hats, by the way, originated in mid 17th century Assyria whereby royal household cooks wore pleated headdresses made from cloth, like the King. You get the point, they were proud of their steamy, sizzling dishes and sauces that simmered for hours before serving their patrons.  

Since, two score and seven years have passed, and I have traveled the country well. Some forty states in all. I can count on one hand the number of Mexican restaurant that have been able to suit my palate as Cinco de Mayo did. And, El Rancherito in Galesburg is one of those restaurants.

The menu selection is vast and well-conceived, comprising more intriguing beef, poultry, pork, fish and vegetarian than I can ever remember seeing. But what really got my attention was the POLLO YUKATAN, a traditional dish of grilled marinated chicken cooked with well simmered red, green and yellow bell peppers, onion and yellow and green zucchini, served with Mexcian rice, sour cream, guacamole salad and tortillas. I've had it many times before, but perhaps never better than at El Rancherito. It was seasoned just right ... and the veggies lightly crunchy but not under-cooked.

Another must-try entree is SEAFOOD MOLCAJETE, grilled shrimp, scallops and mixed with peppers, onions and tomatoes, topped with melted Monterey Jack cheese and a homemade special red sauce that will have you "not wanting to share," because it's so darn tasty!

As with any Mexican restaurant the TACOS and BURRITOS must be right on and El Rancherito "gets it." Their tacos, for example, are true to Mexican tradition served with onions, cilantro and lime with your choice of steak, chicken, sausage, spicy pork, shrimp or fish served atop a steamy hot soft tortilla. They also have hard shell tacos variations with lots of lettuce and cheese for crunch lovers.

With about 200 food selections on the menu at El Rancherito dining here is more a process than an event ... because I intend on dining at this fine Mexican restaurant again, and again. Four Sombrero's for El Rancherito!
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Taco's Mexico City Style
Lime Margarita On The Rocks with Lime Wedge
Taco's Mexico City Style
Lime Margarita "On The Rocks"
El Rancherito